Sunday, July 19, 2009

All Things Golden

Today was the last day of Coburg Golden Years, an annual fair celebrating the history of the small town of Coburg (for my fellow Gilmore Girls fans, Coburg is a dead ringer for the town of Stars Hollow). As a child, I have fond memories of walking in the parade (in a victorian style velvet dress complete with hoopskirt in 90 degree weather), participating in Pow-Wows, visiting the various arts and crafts booths, and eating delicious chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick (Yum!). For at least 24 years it was the same celebration, the same pow-wow, the same booths, the same parade. It was a constant in my life that I could always count on.

However, it now appears that the good times are over. I don't know what was the catalyst for this unfortunate change but last year they decided not to continue on with the pow-wow and, subsequently, all the vendors decided not to participate in Golden Years. This year, a total of 4 food vendors and a temporary tattoo booth were all that comprised what used to be a glorious event.

What a sad day.

Oh well. You know what I always say...when life gives you lemons, you should get a temporary tattoo.

I live dangerously.

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