Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovely, I'm sure...

So, I have all but abandoned my blog. Reasons are numerous but it all comes down to three facts: I have been busy, I have lost interest, and I am the only one who reads this thing. However, I just finished reading a blog post that an old friend from high school wrote and it made me nostalgic for my blog posting days.

First, an update on my life. The job that I raved about a year ago has become a nightmare. I hate it. A lot. So, I'm planning on going back to school to become a middle school math teacher. I'm actually quite excited about that. I've always loved math and having volunteered in a sixth grade math class twice a week for a couple months now I'm falling more and more in love with the idea of teaching.

I've also decided to up my efforts to live a simplified life. It's been a constant goal of mine to pare down my life to the bare essentials. However, I've been really bad with the follow through. I've decided that several areas of my life need a makeover, or more accurately a makeunder, and I am determined to set the actions in motion. Wish me luck! I'll chronicle my process (unless my interest fades again).

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